About Us


 What differentiates us from Zillow is that we quickly tell the investor what properties not listed through MLS will be most profitable in a geography by leveraging big data to accurately present comps, rent data and expenses. We provide more robust data than Zillow for investors to make wise investment decisions to maximize their return. Real Estate is very local and we provide the investor with data about the geography and not just the property to make informed decisions. We use predictive analytics to objectively assess when and where to invest, optimize selections and determine the real value of properties. Another powerful tool will be a comparison of AirBnB and other platforms and services versus traditional rental profitability. The platform enables both landlords and investors to manage rental properties in a more effective way, resulting in a higher return on investment.

Tom Chepucavage

Experienced tech executive with real estate experience including a license in New Mexico. Undergraduate degree in Finance from Georgetown University and EMBA from the University of Michigan.

Vijay Sharma

Product Manager with Agoda and Microsoft. Executive MBA from the University of Michigan.